Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Hellertown, PA

Damaged and missing teeth require prosthetic treatments, which our dentist successfully provides through his careful, patient-centered approach. Dr. S. Clarke Woodruff provides restorative dentistry in Hellertown, Bethlehem, Allentown, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment with us today to rebuild your smile’s health.

The Restorations We Offer

Dr. Woodruff offers the full range of traditional restorative treatments: fillings, crowns, bridges, and full and partial dentures. Fillings and crowns rebuild the structure of a tooth that has experienced decay, while bridges and dentures replace missing teeth. Additionally, we can supply crowns, bridges, and dentures as restorations for dental implants, which provides a more secure and more aesthetic replacement for lost teeth.

The prosthetics our Hellertown restorative dental practice uses are fabricated from a material that meets your restorative needs, whether you are looking for durability, aesthetic, or both. For example, composite resin is a tooth-colored filling material that happens to be our most popular option, but we can also place amalgam fillings in situations where a patient needs the strength of metal. Similarly, a crown can be completely made out of one of several dental ceramics, each of which has a slightly different balance between their cosmetic and functional benefits. Alternatively, a gold crown can be used for the most durable results.

Making Sure Treatment Meets Your Needs

Fillings and crowns require an alteration to the teeth on which they are placed in order to properly fit. Bridges and dentures must be able to fit on the jaw for comfort and proper function. Consequently, a dental restoration must be carefully crafted for a successful initial placement.

Dr. Woodruff is a dentist who believes every treatment, including restorations, should be done right the first time. His meticulous attention to detail allows him to make sure that your restoration fits when initially placed. It is uncommon for him to need to rework dentures or have crowns fabricated again, but he will redo a restorative treatment as necessary until your oral health is improved.

At our practice, delivering effective treatment in a comfortable manner is always a high priority.

Contact us for a Restored Smile

Dr. S. Clarke Woodruff offers restorative dentistry near Hellertown. We help patients from all nearby communities rebuild their oral health, from a minor filling to an implant-supported denture. For more information about how our restorative treatments can help you, call or email us today!


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