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Restoring the Beauty of Your Smile with Hellertown Cosmetic Dentistry

The appearance of a smile and self-assurance are closely tied, so our dentist works to improve your image while treating your oral health concerns. S. Clarke Woodruff, DMD offers cosmetic dentistry in Hellertown, Bethlehem, Allentown, and all surrounding Lehigh Valley communities. Schedule an appointment with us today to develop a brighter, healthier smile.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Do?

The primary goal of any dentist is to maintain and improve the health of your smile. However, dentists like Dr. Woodruff also understand that the visual appearance of the smile has an impact on self-confidence. A more beautiful smile is typically a key aspect of achieving an ideal self-image and thereby helps patients reinforce their self-esteem.

As such, Dr. Woodruff provides cosmetic dental procedures to help patients improve their oral health and their personal assurance.

Brightening the Natural Smile

Natural teeth can stay healthy throughout a lifetime by receiving proper preventive care. However, they can lose some of their sheen, coloring, and shape over time, requiring cosmetic maintenance.

Porcelain veneers, composite bonding, and teeth whitening are all services at our Hellertown dental practice that purely allows your smile to look as healthy as it actually is. Bonding helps fill in the minor chips that can make your teeth look uneven, and veneers will both reshape teeth and conceal internal teeth staining. If a tooth merely needs to be brighter after external stains form, an in-office whitening appointment can lift these stains for a more beautiful smile.

We also offer clear alignment trays to help reposition a crooked front tooth. Not only do you steadily develop a straighter-looking smile, but the clear nature of the trays prevents other people from noticing that you are undergoing treatment.

Cosmetic Restorations

When tooth decay occurs, the affected portion of the tooth must be removed in order to protect the health of the overall smile. Because this leaves the tooth too brittle to survive without assistance, a prosthetic is used to help support and seal off the tooth. Traditionally, this would be a metallic restoration that, while durable and effective, would diminish the aesthetic benefits of the smile.

Instead, Dr. Woodruff offers cosmetic restorations that effectively repair teeth in most cases while blending into the smile. Small cavities can be addressed with fillings made of a tooth-colored composite resin, avoiding the site of silvery metal amalgam on a tooth. Larger cavities will require a crown, but the ones we provide are made of porcelain—a body-safe material that closely mimics natural, healthy teeth—instead of distracting metal alloys.

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